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Power Generation

Sumitomo has a wide range of products delivering high efficiency in power generation.

Products for Power Generation

Power Generation

Reliable reducers and gearmotors with high availability and extreme efficiency for the generation of power. The power industry segment has a variety of applications, and by understanding the complexity and needs of your clients, Sumitomo has dedicated solutions for several applications, among which, Cooling Tower stands out.

With 3 product lines dedicated to this application, we are market leaders in supplying medium and large reducers for cooling towers.

Key Features


Complete line of reducers and gearmotors with high power capacity, specific for power generation.

Cooling Tower

We have dedicated reducers for this application, offering the highest reliability and meeting international requirements.

High Efficiency

Product lines delivering the highest efficiency compared to competitors.

What Separates Us From Competition?

70 Years
Of proven performance in Power Transmission technology
Efficiency: even at high reduction ratios, our products have the highest efficiency in the market.
100 %
Interchangeable and customization reducers, according to your needs